It’s a well-known fact—food and wine are made to be together. To some, it’s about enhancing a meal, finessing a characteristic of a wine; to others, like us at The Kitchen, it’s a passion. But why does wine complement food so well and vice versa? Let’s explore!

KPR Smashburger

Much like a plate of food, a glass of wine offers many layers of complexity and flavors, so it’s only natural to merge them together to elevate the experience of both. While there are no proper hard and fast rules when it comes to pairing wine and food, there are certainly suggestions to maximize your experience. And often, as you’ll find on our menu, pairings can be fun and playful.

If you’re an early riser and joining us for breakfast, you’ll find that any of our delicious breakfast options are perfectly crafted to go with a splash of Priest Ranch’s Brut Rosé of Syrah. The cheesy egg on the Gas Station Sandwich, the herb cream cheese on the Loaded Latke, or the beautifully caramelized ham or bacon in the Two by Four coats the palate in stunning richness, which the perfectly delicate bubbles of the sparkling wine will seemingly cleanse after each bite but with a bright, fruit-forward sip. Maybe you’re not a fan of bubbles—not to worry! The 2022 Block 71 Sauvignon Blanc brings a beautiful acidity that will sweep that same lovely richness off of your palate and leave you ready for another bite, sip, or both!

KPR Classic Caesar

Let us be your go-to spot for lunch! Chef Dan has curated an excellent layered menu filled with options, three plate-filling salads, bold sandwiches, and dishes that are a little heartier to help you during a day filled with wine tastings! The bright and flavor-packed salads crave a wonderfully chilled glass of 2022 Block 71 Sauvignon Blanc to brighten the crisp greens, and balance the richness of the cheeses, dressings, or heartier components. The selection of sandwiches would be perfect pairings for any of the Priest Ranch wines available. Still, there’s nothing quite like a crispy, beefy, and cheese Smashburger and a glass of Napa Valley Estate Cabernet Sauvignon (don’t forget the fries!). A team favorite: the Ham Panini is the match made in Double Barrel heaven! The rich tannins from the blend are wonderfully calmed by the savory Jambon de Paris and Marin French brie, and the unrivaled combination of Calabrian chili and maple glaze finishes off this incredible pairing. And who doesn’t love a big, juicy fried chicken sando’?! Met with an Asian fusion kick, our Crispy Chicken Sando’ packs a punch with house-made kimchi slaw, which the acid from the 2022 Block 71 Sauvignon Blanc handles with grace.

Mary's Chicken

Are you winding down your day of tastings throughout Napa Valley? Relax on the only rooftop in Yountville with a fabulous plate of Steak Frites, which is a cut of CAB bavette, seasonal butter, and a pile of fries with a helping of Chef Dan’s soon-to-be-famous KPR sauce and an unparalleled pairing of 2019 Cabernet Sauvignon. Maybe you’re craving something a little lighter, our Pan-Roasted Market Fish is just for you! Accentuated by seasonal vegetables and dressed with Priest Ranch Estate Olive Oil and a glass of 2022 Block 71 Sauvignon Blanc, you’re sure to end the day on a high note. Let’s not forget about pasta! Reach for a glass of 2019 Double Barrel as you savor freshly Seared Potato Gnocchi covered in charred broccoli rabe, pesto, Calabrian chili, grana Padano, and sprinkled with breadcrumbs.

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Let it be known that our menu is subject to seasonal changes to utilize the freshest local ingredients, so if any of these dishes have you drooling, you won’t want to wait to visit us!

Remember, wine and food are meant to be fun and exciting, and any rules about pairings are meant to be broken by whatever your palate truly craves. We cannot wait to host you, the viti & epicurious fans of Priest Ranch and The Kitchen at Priest Ranch, on our welcoming front patio; join you by one of our two fire pits on the back patio and spacious rooftop for a beautiful meal and world-class estate wines.

Cheers from our team at The Kitchen at Priest Ranch!
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